An innovative brand enthusiast, passionate in graphic design, art
direction and illustration.

Works and corporates well as a team player under any circumstances.
Able to communicate effectively both in a team and individually.
Responsible and assertive in my opinions and ideas
 but also open minded to changes and feedbacks.

Carries a lively personality that fits in unconditionally in any
environment with different people; and is a mood maker.

Speaks fluent English, Mandarin, a little dialect and Singlish.
Nice in nature, good at coffee making.


+ 2016 WeDesign (2nd place + collaboration)
+ 2017 WeDesign (participation)
+ 2017 Band of Doodlers - 52 Tales: 52 Tales' Wisma Atria Exhibition
+ 2017 MUJI Design myBag Competition (participation)
+ 2017 SmartNation cityscape festive design Contest (winning design)
+ 2017 AFA 2016 Annual Report (proposal)
+ 2017 SRFAC Logo Competition (proposal)
+ 2017 Good Young Days. A Noise Singapore x Band of Doodlers Exhibition

+ 2017 Temasek & Co. A Noise Singapore x Band of Doodlers Exhibition